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We have prepared an exclusive handbook for you to learn more about our quartzites. Let yourself be charmed by Lux Line pictures, applications and much more.

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Luxury, sophistication and exclusivity for your project

Starring three noble quartzites from our own Brazilian quarries, the Lux Line transforms environments with its unique beauty coming from each stone. These stones are the right choice for high standards of architecture and decor projects.

Luxury, sophistication and exclusivity are what best define our stone line. 


To get a better understanding of the Lux quartzites role in your projects, we have prepared an exclusive handbook, complete with all information about the materials.

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A unique experience to express style

and personality

The Lux Line’s quartzites are for consumers who look for a unique and elegant material. Being white-colored and durable, these natural stones can be used for internal and external environments. With Lux quartzites the possibilities are endless.

With each new slab, it is a different natural surprise, every time!

Each Lux Exotic stone has its own unique patterns and textures. In our handbook you will get to know the Calacatta Lux, White Lux and Fantasy Lux and their many features. True jewels from nature to inspire your new projects.

Discover the quartzite’s main advantages:


Withstand most chemical products and environments. Resistant to scratching and etching.


Strong, durable and easy to clean. Just use water and mild soap.


Currently a trend, Lux quartzites can be applied both indoors and outdoors environments.

I want to know more about the Lux Line

See what our customers are saying about us.

"Vitoria Stone has been a great partner to AG&M. We really enjoy selling their high-quality stones and making all our customers very happy with it!"

Ramon Oliveira

AG&M Purchasing Director

"The LUX Line from Vitoria Stone has been a great addition to our line of colors that we offer. The beautiful and elegant structure of the veins, along with the durability of it being a quartzite has made it one of our top sellers. The light background color of the LUX Line makes it a favorite to many of our clients, due to its versatility."

Katie Jensen

Triton Stone Group President

Lux Line is a Vitoria Stone exclusive, a household name in the international market with over 25 years’ experience of mining, processing and trading the most beautiful ornamental stones from the Brazilian quarries.